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33 Roadside Waterfalls near Rochester

Impressive waterfalls are not all buried in dark ravines accessible only by difficult trails. Our roadside waterfalls near Rochester are spectacular, and for some, you do not need to get out of your car! The waterfalls listed are also pinned on this Google Map.

Accessible Waterfalls near Rochester

These waterfalls are either viewable from a parking area or by a short pathway.

Water: Taughannock Falls
Taughannock Falls from the Overlook Area

1. Taughannock Falls Overlook View Point

Trumansburg. The overlook view point is a short, paved walkway off the main parking lot. From this stone balcony, you have the most picturesque view of Taughannock. To top it off, this observation point is free! The New York State Parks website for Taughannock Falls has a helpful virtual tour where you can pan around the area and see the walkways for yourself.

Taughannock Falls State Park

Taughannock Falls from the gorge

The gorge trail inside the park is a 3/4 mile hard-packed gravel path that leads to the main attraction, so not a short walk but one along even ground. There is a beautiful cascade closer to the parking lot.

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Roadside waterfalls near Rochester Papermill Falls Avon
Papermill Falls

2. Papermill Falls

Avon. Viewable from parking lot.

Roadside waterfalls near Rochester Littleville Falls Avon
Littleville Falls

3. Littleville Falls

Avon. There is a small spot to park on the side street across the road. Stand on the bridge to see this view.

Roadside waterfalls near Rochester Oatka Creek LeRoy
Oatka Creek through LeRoy at the Main St. dam

4. Oatka Creek Dam & Old Buttermilk Falls

LeRoy. This is the dam south of Main Street. The view is great from the bridge or from Farmer’s Creekside Inn. North of the bridge, there is a parking lot with a path alongside Oatka Creek. Follow the path to view Old Buttermilk Falls.

Buttermilk Falls State Park Ithaca NY

5. Buttermilk Falls

Ithaca. The falls are a short, paved walk from the parking lot.

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6. Shequaga Falls

Montour Falls. Viewable from the street, and by a short, paved pathway that leads to the waterfall.

Terrapin Point and Horseshoe Falls
Terrapin Point and Horseshoe Falls

7. Niagara Falls

USA. Park on Goat Island where Horseshoe, Bridal Veil and American Falls are accessible using a paved pathway.  Horseshoe Falls is the the closest to the main parking lot.

Canada. Many would say the head-on view of Niagara Falls is better on the Canadian side of the Niagara River. This is definitely the case when you have a great vantage point in a hotel, restaurant, or Ferris Wheel.

Roadside waterfalls near Rochester Letchworth
Letchworth State Parks Middle Falls

8. Letchworth

Castile. Letchworth showcases three magnificent waterfalls for people with all abilities, with the abundance of overlooks and parking areas throughout the park.

Roadside Waterfalls near Rochester Hector Falls
Hector Falls – Google map photo

9. Hector Falls

Hector. Park on the shoulder of Rt 414 either before or after the falls. You can see them as you drive over the bridge, but there is nowhere to pull over so look quick!

Roadside Waterfalls near Rochester Glen Park Falls
Glen Park Falls – Google map photo

10. Glen Park Falls

Williamsville. Glen Park has a handicap-only parking lot with a direct view of the falls. Down the street is a larger parking lot, and the pathways are paved to walk to the falls.

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Roadside Waterfalls near Rochester Holley Canal Falls

11. Holley Canal Falls

Holley. The falls are viewable from the parking lot, and are just a short walk away.

Roadside Waterfalls near Rochester Clarendon Falls
Clarendon Falls – Google map photo

12. Clarendon Falls

Clarendon. The falls are visible from the parking area, or a short walk across a grass-lawn.

Roadside Waterfalls near Rochester Wiscoy Creek Falls
Wiscoy Creek Falls – Google map photo

13. Wiscoy Creek Falls

Portageville. Viewable from the road.

14. Schoolmarm Falls

Cattaraugus. Viewable from the road.

Corbetts Glen Tunnel
Corbetts Glen

15. Corbett’s Glen

Brighton. Park along Glen Road and walk a short way down the street and through the tunnel to this little heaven-on-earth.

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16. Mills Mills Falls

Fillmore. Viewable from the road.

17. Clarksburg Falls

Clarksburg. Viewable from the road.

Roadside waterfalls near Rochester Honeoye Falls
Honeoye Falls

18. Honeoye Falls

Honeoye Falls. You can glimpse the top of the falls from the parking lot. There is also a viewing platform next to the falls that is a short walk from the lot. Walk around the building and down the grassy lawn to stand next to them.

Roadside waterfalls near Rochester Honeoye Creek Falls Rush
Honeoye Creek

19. Honeoye Creek Falls

Rush. Viewable from the road, and also a short walk over grass in Veterans Memorial Park.

Roadside Waterfalls near Rochester Ludlowville Flass
Ludlowville Falls – Google map photo

20. Ludloville Falls

Lansing. A short walk across the village park lawn.

High Falls Genesee River Rochester
High Falls on the Genesee River in Rochester, NY

21. High Falls on the Genesee River

Rochester. Viewable from the parking area on St. Paul Blvd, from the Pont de Rennes pedestrian bridge, the roof top at Genesee Brew House, and points along Brown’s Race.

Fall Creek Ithaca Falls
Ithaca Falls – Google maps photo

22. Ithaca Falls

Ithaca. Viewable from the road. Take an easy trail down to the falls.

Forest Falls Ithaca
Forest Falls – Google map photo

23. Forest Falls

Ithaca. Viewable from the bridge, though parking in the area is not ideal. Use the trails from Triphammer.

Fall Creek Ithaca Triphammer Falls
Triphammer Falls – Google maps photo

24. Triphammer Falls

Ithaca. Paved walkway from parking area. Also viewable from the bridge.

Six Mile Creek Ithaca Wells Falls
Wells Falls – Google maps photo

25. Wells Falls

Ithaca: Viewable from the bridge overhead, but not the most ideal viewpoint. Park at the wildflower preserved across the bridge and take a pathway made of Hard-packed gravel, large-stone gravel, and dirt from parking area to gorge below the falls.

Robert Treman pool Enfield Falls
Enfield Falls – Google maps photo

26. Robert H. Treman State Park

Ithaca. View Enfield Falls from the upper parking lot by the Mill. Access to Lucifer Falls involves stairs. According to one daytripper, “There is a nice little triple drop falls just behind the old mill and another nice one just upstream from the main creek and easily seen from the bridge between the 2 upper parking lots.”

Fall Creek Ithaca Horseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls – Google maps photo

27. Horseshoe Falls

Ithaca. There is a small parking lot on Fall Creek Rd. with a short walkway leading to the bridge. The south end of the bridge is accessible via a staircase from University Ave.

Roadside waterfalls near Rochester: Black Creek over Churchville Dam

28. Churchville Dam

Churchville. The dam can be seen from Buffalo Rd. There is also green-space on either side of Black Creek, and a west-bank viewing platform, to enjoy the falls up close.

Fall Brook Falls Geneseo
Fall Brook Falls – Google maps photo

29. Fall Brook Falls

Geneseo. Park alongside NY-63 and walk a hard-packed dirt trail south to the top of the waterfall, or north along the edge of the gorge below. A very helpful Reddit r/Rochester community member shared this about Brook Falls: “You can enter near the alfalfa plant, just follow the creek bed up for a little bit and you’ll get to the bottom of the gorge. Tevas or water shoes are recommended as you need to walk in the water a little. I wouldn’t recommend going down from the other side it is pretty steep and slippery dirt.”

Roadside waterfalls near Rochester: Channing H Philbrick Park
Channing H Philbrick Park

30. Philbrick Park

Penfield. As Irondequoit Creek passes through Channing H Philbrick Park, it drops 90 feet over one mile giving us the cascades that make this park so special. You can view the creek a bit from the car parking in the Linear Park Dr. small lot, or on the other side of the bridge at the end of N. Washington St. The bridge is for pedestrians only.

Waterfalls near Rochester with a short walk, yet not easily traversed due to stairs and uneven trails

31. Deckertown Falls

Montour Falls. A short trail runs along the south bank of Deckertown Creek where you can access to the creek and the waterfall. There are several more along this trail as well.

32. Eagle Cliff Falls in Havana Glen

Montour Falls. The pathway is a 1/4 mile long trail, which has several sets of stairs. There are several falls leading you toward Eagle Cliff.

33. Carpenter Falls

New Hope/Niles. A 0.1 mile path leads from the parking area to the falls.

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  1. #29 is called Fall Brook, you even have it right on the caption above! There is also a ‘trail’ along the creek if you enter from 20A by the alfalfa plant, you may need Tevas or some water shoes to walk in the water a little.

    1. Definitely have the Tevas! Thank you so much for pointing that out. The falls on Fall Brook are called Fall Brook Falls, right?

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