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30 Quirky Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions

If you’re familiar with you’ll know the site is dedicated to plotting out oddities all over these United States (think America’s largest ball of twine). Here are a few unusual Finger Lakes, Western New York and Rochester-area roadside attractions that will make for an interesting day trip:


Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Parkside Whispering Pines Mini Golf Rochester NY

1. Whispering Pines: Oldest Miniature Golf Course in the USA

This is still an active miniature golf course. Play a round on your way home from Seabreeze.
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Powder Mills Park Rochester NY
Mushroom House

2. The Mushroom House

Private property but still great roadside-eye-candy! Located on the way to, but just outside, Powder Mills Park.
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Wat Pa Lao Buddhadham
Wat Pa Lao Buddhadham

3. Wat Pa Lao Buddhadham

Have you ever found yourself driving along an average country road, turned a corner or crested a hill or cleared a hedgerow to see something completely unexpected? That’s how most folks stumble upon Wat Pa Lao Buddhadham on Martin Rd in West Henrietta, NY. Here’s the story of one person’s journey to discover more about it.
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Susan B Anthony Frederick Douglass Lets Have Tea
Susan B Anthony and Frederick Douglass “Let’s Have Tea” Statue in Anthony Square, Rochester, NY

4. Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Enjoying Tea in the Square

While you are visiting the Susan B. Anthony Museum & House, walk down Madison Street to Susan B. Anthony Square.
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Rochester Yellow Brick Road

5. Yellow Brick Road between Park Ave and East Ave

The Yellow Brick road connects Goodwin Park at the end of Sibley Place to Park Ave just south of Alexander.


Vest Pocket Park in Honeoye Falls

6. Vest Pocket Park Totem Pole

Vest Pocket Park, home of the famous Honeoye Falls Totem Pole, is a small park located on W. Main St. There are several picnic tables and benches and has a lovely view of Honeoye Creek and the falls.
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Book of Mormon

7. Very Large Book of Mormon

Located near the visitor center at the foot of Hill Cumorah.

East Bethany

Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Big Metal Dragon in East Bethany NY

Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Tiny Bus in East Bethany NY

8. Big Metal Dragon & Tiny Bus

You can’t miss these when you drive up. The bus and the dragon are right across the street from each other; you will probably notice the bus first as it is closest to the road and bright yellow!
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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, NY

9. Rolling Hills Asylum Tours

The location is so rural Google has yet to street-view map it! Rather surprising with its well-documented haunted history.
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East Aurora

Viddlers East Aurora

10. Vidler on the Roof Statue

The most treasured 5 & 10 with candies you’ve not seen since childhood. Vidler’s is the perfect place for fun stocking stuffers.
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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Large Rooftop Toothbrush in East Aurora NY

10. Large Rooftop Toothbrush

Looks like great advertising to me!
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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Patriots and Heroes Park in Williamsville NY

11. Patriots and Heroes Park

An interesting place to sit and reflect. The monuments are fascinating!
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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Lockport Caves Underground Boat Ride in Lockport NY

12. America’s Longest Underground Boat Ride: Lockport Caves Tour

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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Upside Down Railroad Bridge in Lockport NY

13. Upside-Down Railroad Bridge

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Culvert Road in Medina Under the Erie Canal
Culvert Road in Medina Under the Erie Canal

14. The Only Tunnel Under the Erie Canal

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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Big Apple in Medina NY

15. Big Apple

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Niagara Falls

16. Second Coming House of Prophet Isaiah

You can even stop for a visit with the Prophet, who lives in the home and is welcoming.
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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Haunted House of Wax in Niagara Falls

17. Haunted House of Wax

For as poor as the reviews are, and as small the attraction, I’m surprised at it’s prime real-estate!
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Roadside Attractions Turtle Building

18. The Turtle-shaped Building

The building has been vacant for 22 years, but is still a major roadside attraction. Check out this 2017 news article.
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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Shark Girl at Canalside Buffalo NY

19. Canalside’s Shark Girl

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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Wilkeson Pointe Park whirligigs in Buffalo NY

20. Wilkeson Pointe Park Whirligigs

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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - World's Largest Six Pack Grain Elevator Silo City Buffalo NY

21. The World’s Largest Six Pack is in Silo City

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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Lake Effect Man in Buffalo NY

22. Lake Effect Man Sitting on a Giant Beer Tap

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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Brain Museum University at Buffalo South Campus

23. Brain Museum, University at Buffalo, South Campus

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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Ridgelawn Gardens Cemetery Stonehenge

24. Ridgelawn Gardens Cemetery Stonehenge

You can’t see it from this road, but drive in and veer left and you can’t miss it.
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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Giant Martin Luther King Jr Head in Buffalo NY

25. Giant Martin Luther King Jr. Head

Nestled in amongst the hedges is a rough likeness of MLK Jr., to be kind.
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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Gigantic Buffalo Nickel in Buffalo NY

26. Gigantic Buffalo Nickel

In a small corner park across from Roswell Park Cancer Institute.
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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo NY Deathbed Scene in Marble Blocher Tomb

27. Forest Lawn Cemetery Deathbed Scene in Marble (Blocher tomb)

Albeit the most unusual, there are plenty of other places to visit in Forest Lawn. A beautiful park-like cemetery, second only to our own Mount Hope.
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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Victorian House Atop a Factory in Syracuse NY

28. Victorian House Atop a Factory

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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Green on Top Traffic Light in Syracuse NY

29. Green-on-Top Traffic Light

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Rochester-Area Roadside Attractions - Squirrels on Parade in Olean NY

30. Squirrels on Parade

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