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7 Paranormal Activities Around Rochester

There is something about October that peeks our interest in paranormal activities. From storytelling to investigating, these day trips and special events encourage you to explore the other side of Rochester.

Paranormal Activities: Rolling Hills Asylum

1. Rolling Hills Asylum Ghost Hunting

Ongoing Events, located 1-hour southwest of Rochester, south of Batavia

RHA has been featured on Ghost Hunters and several other prominent investigation television series. There is a year-long events calendar on their website that includes guided and self-guided walking tours, public, private and group ghost hunts, themed dinners, and special events.

2. Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks

Multiple Dates, Times & Locations, downtown Rochester and suburbs

Guided walk themes include Ghosts of Mt. Hope Avenue, Spirits of Sea Breeze, Jack the Ripper, Phantoms of Fairport, Haunts of Henrietta, the Lady in White, and the Flower City Ghost Walk. Explore their website for other fun-themed events like the Haunted Pub Crawl where you can visit with spirits and drink them, too!

Paranormal activities: cobblestone museum

3. Cobblestone Museum Ghost Walk

Sunday, October 8, 2017, located 45 minutes west of Rochester in Albion

Visit several “ghosts” connected to the Cobblestone Museum’s past. Tour guides will lead you through a walking tour of 10 different locations on the Museum’s campus, including a cobblestone schoolhouse, the oldest cobblestone church in North America, and a cobblestone parsonage—all National Historic Landmarks. Along the way guests will “meet” apparitions of such notables as newspaper editor Horace Greeley, who once owned the Cobblestone Parsonage; railroad sleeping car inventor George Pullman, who attended the cobblestone church; and Grace Bedell, who encouraged President Lincoln to grow his iconic beard. Over twenty such reincarnations are planned to make the visit truly remarkable.

4. Paranormal MAG DeTOUR

Thursday, October 19, 2017, 6 – 7 pm, downtown Rochester

Ever gotten a spooky feeling when hanging out in an art museum like something in a painting moved or that you couldn’t escape the eyes of a subject? Yeah. Us too. On this MAGsocial DeTOUR, we are looking at our haunted works of art and discussing the presence of ghosts in our galleries. After the DeTOUR, we will be joined by Monroe County Paranormal Investigations who will host a presentation in our Auditorium about who they are, how they track spirits, and what they found when they came to investigate MAG. The DeTOUR will be from 6-7-ish and their talk will be from 7-8 pm in the Auditorium.

5. Landmark Society’s Ghost Walk

Friday, October 20 & Saturday, October 21, 2017, downtown Rochester

The Landmark Society’s Ghost Walk is a night-time guided walking tour.  Follow lantern-bearing guides down the dark streets of a historic neighborhood, encountering fact-based macabre theatrical performances on the porches of beautiful homes.

6. Museum of the Dead III

Friday, October 27, 2017, 8 – 11:45 pm, downtown Rochester

Come see what’s lurking in the Museum as you trick-or-treat your way to an eerie night of spooky fun! DeTOUR guides will unveil fun facts behind some of MAG’s more gory artistic offerings, joined by Monroe County Paranormal InvestigationsCostumes are strongly encouraged and will be rewarded.

White Ladys Castle

7. The White Lady’s Castle

Driving on Lake Shore Blvd. you’ll find a little parking lot across from Lake Ontario, between Log Cabin Rd. and Zoo Rd. Park and look up the hill to this view of the White Lady’s Castle. Well, not really a castle—is was actually a dining hall for beach-goers, torn down in the 1930’s. Atlas Obscura does a wonderful job of telling the story of the White Lady, her daughter, her vengeance, and her two white ghost dogs. So take a walk and see if you can find any of the rumored apparitions of the White Lady searching for her daughter. Rumor also has it that this story was the inspiration behind the 1988 movie, The Lady in White. And don’t forget the White Lady tree!

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