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30 More Day Trips within 30 Minutes of Rochester

Looking for things to do around Rochester that are close to home? Guests visiting from out-of-town? Need a break from writing your thesis? Here are 30 more day trips within 30 minutes, part 2 in our 30-Minute Day Trips series.

More day trips within 30 minutes: Brickyard Trail

1. Frankel Nature Park

Sandra L. Frankel Nature Park is a 72-acre linear park connecting the Brighton Town Hall and Library on Elmwood Ave with Buckland Park on Westfall Road. The 0.8-mile Brickyard Trail runs the length of the park.

More day trips within 30 minutes: Breese Park Henrietta

2. Breese Park

Breese Park is located along the Genesee River in the small community of Riverton on the far west side of Henrietta. Set your sights on late-April to early-May to see the native bluebelles, trilliums, and ferns in their full spring glory!

More day trips within 30 minutes: Monroe County Ellison Park Rochester NY

3. Ellison Park

Irondequoit Creek meanders through Ellison Park on its way to Irondequoit Bay and Lake Ontario, offering visitors year-round fishing and non-motorized boating opportunities.

Helmer Nature Center bridge

4. Helmer Nature Center

The paths at Helmer Nature Center, made primarily of wood chip, boardwalk, and hard-pack gravel, are easy to navigate and clearly marked. There are sloped portions that take you down to the valley floor where the terrain around you is hilly and tree covered making it peacefully quiet.

More day trips within 30 minutes: Ellwanger Garden
Ellwanger Garden

5. Ellwanger Estate Garden

While the Ellwanger Estate is private, the garden is maintained by the Landmark Society and is periodically open to the public for special events.

Canandaigua Lake City Pier Boat Houses
Canandaigua Lake City Pier Boat Houses

6. Canadaigua Lake

Canandaigua Lake is home to the smallest island, one of only two islands in the Finger Lakes. You can drive around the entire lake in 60 minutes.

More day trips within 30 minutes: George Eastman Museum

7. George Eastman Museum

The George Eastman Museum is a beautiful tribute to his life & legacy, and is the world’s oldest photography museum with one of the oldest film archives.

More day trips within 30 minutes: Memorial Art Gallery

8. Memorial Art Gallery

Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery has an extensive permanent collection, an incredible variety of traveling exhibitions, & a well-rounded calendar of events.

More day trips within 30 minutes: Brighton Town Park

9. Brighton Town Park

Brighton Town Park is surprisingly serene, despite it being bordered on one side by office buildings and across the pond by a major express way.

More day trips within 30 minutes: Great Embankment Park

10. Great Embankment Park

Great Embankment Park has a small sitting area, a few benches, a small boat launch and a dock great for fishing; perfect to start your trip along the canal.

30 Day Trips within
30 Minutes of Rochester

More day trips within 30 minutes: Rochester Museum Science Center Tesla Coils

11. Rochester Museum & Science Center

Rochester Museum and Science Center’s Strasenburgh Planetarium hosts free telescope viewings on clear Saturday nights from the Observation Tower.

More day trips within 30 minutes: Black Creek Park

12. Black Creek Park

At 1,505-acres, Black Creek Park is one of the largest of Monroe County’s 20 parks, second only to Mendon.

Powder Mills Park Daffodil Meadow Trail

13. Powder Mills Park

Powder Mills Park favorites include the fish hatchery, and Daffodil Trail, and the Mushroom House, which is technically private property but still draws a crowd!

More day trips within 30 minutes: Susan B Anthony Frederick Douglass Lets Have Tea
Susan B Anthony and Frederick Douglass “Let’s Have Tea” Statue in Anthony Square, Rochester, NY

14. Susan B Anthony House & Museum

Susan B Anthony’s passion for securing women’s right to vote started with her work as an agent of the anti-slavery movement.

Avon Vintage Drive In

15. Vintage Drive-In

Yes, there are still drive-in theaters near Rochester! The Vintage Drive-In in Avon is the closest, but there are five others within a 90 minute drive.

Stokoe Farms

16. Stokoe Farms

Stokoe Farms offers a full day of family activities. On a beautiful Autumn day, you can expect it to be a very popular place! Stop back in December to cut your own Christmas tree.

Strong Museum of Play Wegmans

17. Strong Museum

The Strong National Museum of Play has a wealth of interaction for toddlers, school-aged children and adults, including play-shopping at Wegmans!

Ontario Beach Park Rochester NY

18. Ontario Beach Park

Lake Ontario Beach Park is located at the northernmost tip of the city of Rochester, and is bordered on the East by the mouth of the Genesee River.

Genesee Country Village Museum

19. Genesee Country Village & Museum

All summer long the Genesee Country Village and Museum hosts themed events on the weekends like Highland Days, Civil War Days, and a Fiddlers Fair. In the winter, the village is open for Sundays strolls.

Ganondagan longhouse

20. Ganondagan State Historic Park

Everything you will see and do at Ganondagan is centered around these core values: peace, cooperation, and respect for each other and the natural world.

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Rochester Day Trip

New York State Parks Hamlin Beach

21. Hamlin Beach State Park

Hamlin Beach State Park has 7 miles of beautiful biking and walking trails, including a mile-long self-guided tour of a CCC/POW camp.

22. Seabreeze Amusement Park

Oh, how we miss our amusement parks in the winter! When May comes around, you find the parks with dry-rides opening on the weekends, with the water parks opening closer to Father’s Day in mid-June.

Central Library Rochester Monroe County Bauch Lomb

23. Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County

Central Library occupies two buildings located across the street from each other on South Avenue in Center City Rochester.

Rochester Genesee Valley Railroad Museum

24. Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum

R&GV Railroad Museum is the only operating railroad museum and home to the largest collection of historic trains in New York State, with fun train rides every third weekend from April through December.

New York Museum of Transportation trolley maintenance

25. New York Museum of Transportation

The New York Museum of Transportation houses fourteen full size trolley cars, a caboose, steam locomotive, antique highway and horse-drawn vehicles, and the various associated smaller items that illuminate our transportation history. Your half-hour excursion on the only trolley ride in New York State is aboard one of the museum’s 87-year-old trolley cars.

Natural swimming areas

26. Canawaugus Park

Here’s a popular spot for kids during hot weather and high creek water in Oatka Creek at Canawaugus Park. Oatka Creek is generally shallow enough to wade but directly under the bridge deeper. When creek water depth is 8 or 9 feet deep it is safe to jump from George Bridge into the waterhole. Another attraction is a rope for swinging into the waterhole. Genesee Valley Greenway Trail is a green corridor lined trail extending 84 miles south from Rochester, through Scottsville, Avon, Geneseo, Mount Morris and Portageville.

Eastman Theatre Kodak Hall stage view

27. Eastman Theatre

The magnificent theatre, which originally contained 3,352 seats, was built by George Eastman as a center for music, dance, and silent film with orchestral and organ accompaniment. An architectural gem, its opulent décor reflects the taste and elegance of the 1920s.

The Little Theater Rochester NY

28. The Little Theatre

The Little Theatre is the premier cultural center for the presentation of American independent and foreign films, visual arts and music for the greater Rochester community.

Geva Theater will call

29. Geva Theatre

Come see the fabulous sets and costumes, the imaginative interpretations of great plays, the development of new work – all up close and personal. The best seat in the house is the one you choose to sit in.

30. The Hungerford

Located at 1115 E Main St, near the corner of E Main and N Goodman, The Hungerford building is home to an eclectic group of talented artists. Great place to visit during First Fridays and Second Saturdays.

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