Memorial Art Gallery Story Walk

Memorial Art Gallery Story Walk

The Memorial Art Gallery Story Walk runs along Goodman St between University Ave. and Anderson Ave. It includes Rochester stories, memoirs, and family histories from community members.

Memorial Art Gallery Story Walk Instructions

Get started!

Use your cell phone and dial into the main number for the OnCell tours: 585-627-4132. Listen to the introduction and wait for the prompt to add the code of the first four letters that you see embedded in the sidewalks. As an example – “Trees” would be “8733”.

Here are a few examples of stories you’ll hear.

Listen to more from the comfort of your home, or take a walk and choose your own word. Whatever moves you!

Memorial Art Gallery Story Walk Three

THREE listen

Bill Davis by Lois Davis
“After that the city took responsibility and renamed the fall event River Romance.”

Memorial Art Gallery Story Walk Escape

GHOST listen

Love is a Myth by Elaina Stover
“Mine is not a typical love story; it is one part love, one part ghost, and proof that Rochester is more than it seems.”

Memorial Art Gallery Story Walk Bakery

BAKERY listen

Mr. Eastman Would Like to See You by Mike Calabrese
“My grandfather walked out, and George Eastman opened the car door.”

Memorial Art Gallery Story Walk breeze

BREEZE listen

A Great Gift by JiaXiao Li
“I learned from him that giving your warm hands to someone if you can, will make the world different.”

Memorial Art Gallery Story Walk English

ENGLISH listen

More than English by Chensheng Jiang
“However, one guy completely changed my thoughts. His name is Hassan and he comes from Somalia.”

Memorial Art Gallery Story Walk Temple

TEMPLE listen

The Temple by John Lovenheim
“Our dining room is where the Temple Bima (altar) was. I had my Bar Mitzvah in what is now my living room.”

Memorial Art Gallery Story Walk Human

HUMAN listen

Lines Of Descent: A White Girl Discovers Her Black And Indian Roots by Celeste Schantz
“I do not feel like a member of a race. I feel like thread woven together in a pattern known by my name.”

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