Highly recommended restaurants around Rochester, NY: The Red Fern

95 Highly Recommended Restaurants, Bakeries, and Bars Around Rochester

This list represents 40+ years of experience dining in the Rochester area, as well as recommendations of highly recommended restaurants from friends and colleagues. I had planned to stop at 52 (a new place to try every weekend) but the passionate recommendations kept coming in!

Rochestarians frequent these establishments because the food and atmosphere is consistently amazing. These are places the locals go several times a year, if not more, and recommend them to friends and visitors. Some of these food destinations are well-established, loved by generations, while others are quickly becoming favorites as Rochester’s culinary scene explodes.

If you live around Rochester, are just visiting, or are a college student in town for a few short years, you can’t go wrong picking any one of these to enjoy a night filled with delicious foods.

Rochester’s highly recommended restaurants, in no particular order:

Highly recommended restaurants around Rochester, NY: El Latino
El Latino, Chili Ave, Rochester
  1. El Latino
  2. Hose 22 Firehouse Grill
  3. Mr Dominic’s
  4. Burger Bar by Wegmans
  5. Thali of India
  6. Donuts Delight
  7. Gruttadauria Bakery
  8. Savoia Pastry Shoppe
  9. Country Sweet
  10. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
  11. Owl House
  12. Mamasan’s
  13. Plum Garden
  14. Itacate (yes, even the one in the gas station!)
  15. Garlic Pit

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Highly recommended restaurants around Rochester, NY: Nosh
Nosh, Rochester
  1. Nosh
  2. Jade Palace
  3. Rooney’s
  4. Leo’s Bakery & Deli
  5. Village Bakery
  6. Cerame’s Italian Villa
  7. La Casa
  8. Good Luck
  9. Voula’s Greek Sweets
  10. DiBella’s
  11. Don’s Original
  12. Atlas Eats
  13. Agatina’s
  14. Pittsford Farms Dairy & Bakery
  15. Vic’s Place
  16. Chen Garden

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Highly recommended restaurants around Rochester, NY: Shmegs
Shmegs, Rochester
  1. Shmeg’s Restaurant
  2. The King and I
  3. The Gate House
  4. Captain Jim’s
  5. South Wedge Dinner
  6. Edibles Restaurant & Bar
  7. Next Door by Wegmans
  8. Park Ave Pub
  9. Highland Park Diner
  10. Village Coal Tower Restaurant
  11. The Frog Pond
  12. Six-50
  13. James Brown’s Place
  14. Phillips European
  15. The Beer Market

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Highly recommended restaurants around Rochester, NY: The Red Fern
Red Fern, Rochester
  1. The Red Fern Vegan
  2. The Distillery
  3. Dogtown
  4. Rocco
  5. Tony D’s
  6. Abbott’s Frozen Custard
  7. Salena’s Mexican Restaurant
  8. Aladdin’s Natural Eatery
  9. Pi Craft
  10. Orbs Restaurant & Bar
  11. The Revelry
  12. Ristorante Lucano
  13. Jines Restaurant

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Highly recommended restaurants around Rochester, NY: Roots Cafe Naples
Roots Cafe, Naples
  1. Roots Cafe
  2. Core Life Eatery
  3. Golden Port
  4. Tandoor of India
  5. JoJo’s Bistro & Wine Bar
  6. Max’s Chop House
  7. Tournedos
  8. Bernard’s Grove
  9. Orien’s Cafe
  10. Pasta Villa
  11. Benucci’s
  12. Fatso’s Bar & Grille
  13. Swillburger & The Playhouse
  14. Pomodoro Grill & Wine Bar
  15. Proietti’s Italian Restaurant
Highly recommended restaurants around Rochester, NY: White Swans Asia Cafe
White Swans Asia Cafe, Rochester
  1. White Swans Asia Cafe
  2. Roncone’s Italian Restaurant
  3. Grinnell’s Restaurant
  4. Jeremiah’s Tavern
  5. Back Nine Grill
  6. Flight West Wine & Whiskey Bar
  7. Fiorella
  8. Sinbad’s Mediterranean Cuisine
  9. Black Button Distilling
  10. Lemoncello Italian Restaurant & Bar
  11. Label 7 Napa Eatery & Bar
  12. Magnolias Deli & Cafe
  13. Delmonicos
  14. Simply Crepes
  15. Shamrock Jack’s Irish Pub
Taichi Bubble Tea
Tai Chi Bubble Tea, Rochester
  1. Tai Chi Bubble Tea
  2. Genesee Brew House
  3. Ridge Donut Cafe
  4. Cheesy Eddie’s
  5. Eastridge Family Restaurant
  6. Monte Alban Mexican Restaurant
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