Little Rock City

From ROC City to Rock City!

A rock city is a natural grouping of large boulders that when you walk among them make you feel as though you are on a city street among sky scrapers. Enjoy exploring the cool, quiet, mossy caverns, with some boulders the size of houses!

A rock city cluster

This map below highlights how close these massive rock parks are to each other, nestled in the southwestern corner of New York State. These rock cities each have a unique creation story going back to when the area was covered by a vast, shallow inland sea, impacted over time by continental drift, glacial activity and mountain-building.

Rock City Map

The four rock cities shown on the map are Panama Rocks, Rock City Park, Little Rock City, and Thunder Rocks.

This may be bigger than a day trip

You can’t see all of these in one day trip from Rochester, so spread them out over a few months, or spend a night in the area. You’ll want to plan at least an hour for each park. Here are a few resources to learn more about these geo-interesting places!

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